Argumentative essay about medicine

A Guide for Medical Students: Who to trust; the physician or the homeopath?

Argumentative essay about medicine

A Playboy cartoon once depicted an ordinary couple with their college-age son in front. The words are shown in front: Marijuana, unlike the popular myths today, it is not what it is thought to be. Marijuana, like any myth, has its true properties, facts, and history concealed by a mass of misconceptions, misrepresentations, and misunderstandings.

Solomon says marijuana, or Cannabis sativa, is a plant cultivated for its flowering tops and leaves. Also called hemp, it is a source of rope, fibers, birdseed, and medicinal products. In fact, the Philippines once provided the US with rope from this plant before the Japanese cut the supply line.

In the year ofhowever, marijuana was banned as the people misused it. When people hear the word marijuana, they think of drugs, addicts, and ruined lives. However, marijuana has its buried good side. Marijuana has long been used to treat a number of sicknesses affiliated with pain.

Most of these diseases are those that either make people suffer or make them terminally ill. Examples are glaucoma, arthritis, and cancer. Aside from medical benefits, the plant is also shrouded by psychological myths. Marijuana is not highly addictive, unlike what the popular belief says.

Marijuana users do not come from the hardened criminal class and there is no direct relationship between the committed crimes and marijuana use. Marijuana can be used as a medical drug. Its medicinal benefits far outweigh the risks. Stone states that cannabis can treat diseases like glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and nausea.

In glaucoma, numerous studies involving the use of marijuana lowered the intraocular pressure, treating the ailment. Any administration method, except direct application to the eyes, produced positive results.

Similarly, the drug can treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Argumentative Essay on the Topic of Western Medicine

Americans for Safe Access ASA concluded that cannabis actually relieved pain and reduced the symptoms. More importantly, ASA states that marijuana has fewer and less dangerous side effects, as compared to prescription painkillers. Indeed, modern research suggests that marijuana could still be used for the treatment of even more treatments and a wider range of clinical innovations.

These include pain relief, nausea, spasticity, movement disorders, appetite problems and perhaps even, certain kinds of malignant tumors. The medicinal characteristics of marijuana cause it to be neuroprotective or protects from pain due to nerve damage.

As a matter of fact, over 60 U. Unlike most modes of treatment, marijuana has more mechanisms of action. To start with, cannabis can be administered in different methods. Most people think marijuana can be taken only through inhalation. This method, though quite common, is dangerous as it may cause lung and throat cancer from the smoke.

See What Medical Argumentative Essay Topics Should Look Like Pick a topic that everyone is currently discussing. Pay attention to the rumours.
Fourteen Medical Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From Use an editor to spell check essay.
Online Assistance A new theory suggests that medicine could be bad for your health, which should at least come as good news to people who cannot afford to buy expensive medicine.
Selection Of Strong Medical Argumentative Essay Topics In medicine, every issue is highly debated before a decision is reached and even after something is passed, it can still be reviewed when need arises. Constructive arguments are common among medical students.

Today, science has opened newer ways for people to take medical marijuana. Oral methods are applicable.

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Without the danger of harming our lungs, the physician may administer the cannabis orally or by mouth. This method, as stated earlier, bypasses the lungs and goes to the stomach and intestines, where it is absorbed. Aside from eating the plant products, patients may take the plant by way of tincture.The 14 Best Medical Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students.

Medicine is a very delicate course. In medicine, every issue is highly debated before a decision is reached and even after something is passed, it can still be reviewed when need arises.

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Salih December 4, ENGLCOM WC NO5B Argumentative Essay (Final Draft) Marijuana, Good for your Health? A Playboy cartoon once . The medical argumentative essay topics are topics that are centered on two opposing medical ideas.

In the normal sense, it should be your own idea against a common assertion which you are trying to dispel. Medicine – Persuasive Topics Most people agree that medical care is good and important, but this is where the harmony ends.

Here are some good topics for a persuasive essay about . This page explains what argumentative essay is, how it is organized, special techniques, language and a sample essay All argumentative topics have PROs and CONs.

Do Reiki instead of taking medicine.

Argumentative essay about medicine

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Argumentative Essay on the Topic of Western Medicine