Astrological psychosynthesis

Based on the work of Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, it follows the premise that every human being has a soul-a higher self-which is at the root of all developmental processes. Astrological psychosynthesis aims Astrological psychosynthesis is a holistic approach to astrology, bringing not only greater self-understanding but also growth in consciousness. Astrological psychosynthesis aims to help people to find their own true self and work consciously towards integration and wholeness. The horoscope is used not just as an analytical tool, but also as an instrument to enhance the process of self-realization and transformation.

Astrological psychosynthesis

As the name Psychosynthesis implies psyche the Greek word for soul and synthesis it involves the integrating of the psyche. Dr Roberto Assagioli Its founder Dr Roberto Assagioli, a visionary Italian psychiatrist envisaged the integrating the psyche as being twofold — first the integration of the personality around the conscious self referred to as self actualisation and the integration of the personality with the Higher Self known as Self Realisation.

Psychosynthesis is described as a spiritual or transpersonal psychotherapy.

Astrological psychosynthesis

Assagioli had an all encompassing vision of what Psychosynthesis entailed. He envisioned it as a synthesis of the personality but also as a synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophy and Astrological psychosynthesis. Like many of his contemporaries Assagioli realised that not only Astrological psychosynthesis the psyche fragmented but also knowledge had been fragmented.

In his practice of Psychosynthesis he was endeavouring to synthesise these different branches of knowledge, of medicine, education and religion. England followed suit in and Italy in Sources of Inspiration for Assagioli — Eastern and Western Philosophy The broad spectrum of disciplines from both Western and Eastern teachings with which Assagioli came in contact became a source of inspiration for Psychosynthesis.

From Western philosophy he drew inspiration from such writers as Aristotle, Socrates and Plato. He was also influenced by the writings of the Russian esotericist, Ouspensky; the German philosopher, Hermann Keyserling; and R. Jung himself before and after his break with psychoanalysis.

His contacts with the Theosphical Society and Alice Bailey acquainted him with the work of leading lights of Eastern philosophy and mysticism such as the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore; Sufi mystic, Inhayat Khan; Patanjali to name but a few.

In literature he drew inspiration from the Bhagavadgita, Homer, the grail legend, Tolstoy and his fellow countryman, Dante Alighieri. Jean Hardy in her book Psychology with a Soul shares the fact that Assagioli categorically states that the central theme of the Divine Comedy is a wonderful picture of a complete psychosynthesis.

The journey of Dante through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise is the journey of the spiritually aware person through life. Other writers who greatly inspired Assagioli include the American philosopher, William James, whose work on subpersonalities and the will are a pivotal part of Psychosynthesis.

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Another American writer whose work Assagioli acknowledges as being influential on his thinking was Abraham Maslow, one of the foremost psychologists of recent times who wrote Toward a Psychology of Being. In her book Unfinished Autobiography Alice Bailey refers to Assagioli as her friend and colleague and her representative in Italy for several years.

Vanderlip who refers to Assagioli as the modern St. Alice also noted that when he lectured the spiritual power which poured through him was the means of stimulating many into renewed consecration in life.

Alice Bailey wrote a series of books on esoteric matters presenting the next phase in the continuity of the Ancient Wisdom teaching for the present and immediate future as dictated to her by the Tibetan. They also define the modus operandi of The Masters as they present the human race with the thought forms of a benevolent future through their immediate human discipleship Ashrams, who then promulgate the concepts through The New Group of World Servers, operating in every institution of our modern world.

They represent the instructions and the guidance received from the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kuhl, by some 42 of his living contemporary disciples.Tag: Psychosynthesis. Roberto Assagioli German language magazine of astrological psychology, in March A more detailed history of the Hubers, astrological psychology and the API school will appear in the forthcoming Conjunction 66, available to members.

Bruno Huber, the well-known Swiss astrologer, was born on at and. Psychosynthesis I trained in Psychosynthesis in the mid 80s at The Australasian Institute for Psychosynthesis Studies at Bondi Junction in Sydney NSW.

I have written at length about it in my article entitled ‘Assagioli Embodiment of Love Wisdom’ for the April edition of the Astrological Monthly Review see the link on my blog. The Astrology of Great Gay Sex. $ The Beginning of Wisdom.

Psychosynthesis Resources Astrology and Soul Psychology. Learn more about how Mark combines Psychosynthesis with astrology in this complete professionally-recorded weekend workshop. Astrological psychosynthesis is a holistic approach to astrology, bringing not only greater self-understanding but also growth in consciousness.

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