Diabetes case study nursing students

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Diabetes case study nursing students

Diabetes Case Study NRSG Assessment 1 Semester 1, Clients Situation This assessment consists of a word written discussion that requires you, the student, to identify and prioritise the clinical issues within the scenario below.

The development of a concept map is also mandatory and additional to the words.

Diabetes case study nursing students

James Silva is a 46 year old Indigenous man who lives in a capital city near you. James lives with his wife and 4 children; Karen who is 13 years old, John who is 8 years old, Peter who is 6 years old and Janet who is 3 years old.

James is an elder of his community and works part time as a self-employed accountant.

Diabetes case study nursing students

Clinical History James developed Chronic Renal Failure three years ago as a result of his diabetes mellitus and is being treated with haemodialysis. His obesity since the age of 24 consequently led to James being diagnosed with Type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetes 10 years ago.

James attends a local hospital satellite unit where he dialyses for hours three time a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. His haemodialysis access site is an arterio-venous fistula on his right forearm.

Diabetes Case Study - Nursing Papers

Two months ago he developed a diabetic foot ulcer on his left outer ankle bone which is being dressed when he attends dialysis, by the dialysis nurse, with hydrogel.

Early stage diabetic retinopathy both eyes?The case study is based on a patient with diabetes who was admitted to hospital following a hypoglycaemic episode and cared for during a practice placement. The importance of early diagnosis of diabetes and the adverse effects of delayed diagnosis are discussed.

“The case studies are very comprehensive and allow the undergraduate student an opportu- nity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a potentially real clinical situation.” —Tamella Livengood, APRN, BC, MSN, FNP.

Building a bridge from classroom to clinical practice, this casebook is composed of 32 realistic case studies appropriate for introductory and advanced level courses in nutrition and diet therapy. The study of health and medicine has been central to the University of Virginia since its founding.

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Today, the University is a leader in the advancement of health sciences, basic and translational research, the training of medical and nursing professionals and the delivery of world-class health care. You will find no better preparation source for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification than the new, second edition of Exercise Prescription: A Case Study Approach to the ACSM regardbouddhiste.coms David Swain and Brian Leutholtz present a series of case studies to help you translate the ACSM guidelines for exercise prescription into practical knowledge.

In this lesson, we'll look at how the body uses hormones to maintain homeostasis of blood glucose levels, what happens in people who have diabetes, and how diabetics can manage their disease.

Managing Clinical Problems in Diabetes, Case Study #4: Mr. ZM