Military benefits essays

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Military benefits essays

Gade Summer In the years since the United States was drawn into a global war on terrorism by the attacks of September 11,Americans have made significant commitments to support the men and women who have served on the front lines of the conflict.

Tens of thousands of charities have contributed billions of dollars — and millions of volunteers have spent countless hours — assisting veterans and their families.

The federal government has made an even larger investment, providing a host of services — including health care, education and job-training programs, and home loans — to those returning from war.

Military benefits essays

Few Americans question the propriety of these efforts to aid our nation's men and women in uniform. The desire to help veterans in need reflects a fitting gratitude Military benefits essays service rendered and sacrifices shouldered.

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But precisely because we know we owe our veterans a great debt, we tend not to question the particular ways in which our government goes about helping them. We therefore pay far too little attention to whether these efforts might actually be doing more harm than good.

And there is reason to believe that, in many cases, well-intentioned programs to support veterans are instead preventing them from enjoying healthy, productive civilian lives after they return from war. This is particularly true of federal policies intended to help wounded and disabled veterans.


There are many reasons for this increase, but a major factor is surely the design of VA benefit policies, which distort incentives and encourage veterans to live off of government support instead of working to their full capability.

Adding to the problem is a culture of low expectations, fostered by the misguided understanding of "disability" upon which both federal policy and private philanthropy are often based. The result is that, for many veterans, a state of dependency that should be temporary instead becomes permanent.

America's veterans — particularly those with disabilities related to their service — deserve better. Because of the debt the nation owes these men and women, and because of the talent and experience they can contribute to our economy and society, both lawmakers and citizens should ensure that our efforts to support veterans do not undermine their recovery.

By looking at the experiences of today's veterans, and by examining the perverse incentives created by current policies and charitable practices, we can develop a support system more helpful to, and more worthy of, America's defenders.

Grand causes

In the particular case of wounded veterans, it is worth examining what types of injuries and conditions they are dealing with — and how prevalent those conditions truly are — to gain a more complete understanding of the problem of "disability" that government policies and private charity must address.

First, the modern military is composed entirely of volunteers, and, as a self-selected group, they are not a representative cross-section of society.

As a statistical matter, they are more educated than the typical American: With very few exceptions, they are high-school graduates or have GEDs. Many even in the enlisted ranks have some college education.

Moreover, because the military's current medical and physical-fitness standards are relatively rigorous, veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are both physically and mentally healthier than the population at large. It is also worth noting that the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have involved record levels of Reserve and National Guard forces, who are typically somewhat older and even more educated than the active force.

These men and women are also more fully integrated into civilian life. Second, the combat experience of today's veterans is markedly different from that of veterans of most previous wars.

With a few exceptions — the initial invasion of Iraq, the first and second battles of Fallujah, Baghdad during the "surge," isolated pockets of the fighting in Afghanistan, and a few other episodes — today's veterans have faced conflicts characterized by chronic, low-to-moderate levels of violence rather than by dramatic, high-intensity battles.

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At the same time, they have operated chiefly in theaters with no front lines and where civilians have been mixed in with combatants. This means today's veterans have often been more exposed to civilian suffering and less sure of their adversaries, which has produced distinctive psychological effects.

Third, the social environment that has awaited veterans after their service is different today than it was for some previous generations of veterans. By and large, the civilian population is now accepting of veterans and thankful for their service.The Serfs or ‘peasants,’ entered into a mutual commitment to a lord in exchange for military protection, while receiving certain liberties as compensation.

In return, . Ron Kness Ron retired with 36 years of military service. His assignment as Supervisor of Military Personnel Services (including the Education Benefits Section) provided him with a wealth of knowledge, training and experience with the GI Bills and post-secondary education in general.

Financial aid counselors and military benefits advisors receive extensive, on-going training, and are well equipped to assist students on the financial aid, tuition assistance, and other various military and VA benefits requirements.

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Veterans Disability Benefits are a cornerstone of how America honors those injured while serving in the military. Read about disability compensation.

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