Muscle cars vintage vs new

Vintage vs New Muscle Cars: Vintage vs New Ben Slenning Auto. In an automobile every part has a specific job and purpose. I am here to tell why the modern muscle car is a much better product than the vintage muscle car.

Muscle cars vintage vs new

Modern cars are more reliable, more efficient and more powerful than the muscle car era cars ever hoped to be. But, they are also more generic due to the many standards they all must meet, as well as the mentality of the modern car buyer.

Those are probably the people who bought Slant Six A body Mopars, or some other car with a six cylinder. If you look at the engines out of classic cars, they had a certain style to them. Look at the Olds Rocket V8 that started off the performance car wars: Oldsmobile was proud of their new engine, and made sure that just in case you forgot you were driving an Oldsmobile, you new it when you opened the hood.

Or maybe they were hoping the engine would be popular and swapped into other cars. I love the Corvette script on the valve covers. It is clear that someone cared what the engine looked like, not just that it moved the car. Or, how about the engine that brought the performance race to a new level: It is hard to be subtle when you have an engine like that.

The name Firepower just says it all about what Chrysler thought about those engines.

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And I love those old air cleaners. The are almost as big as the engine in a modern econobox. How about the engine made famous in song, the And who could forget the Pontiac Tri-Power, the engine that started the muscle car era: I like the triple chrome air cleaners.

Once again, they wanted the car to look good with the hood open.

Muscle cars vintage vs new

How about an engine so big, they nick named it the elephant? I love the wrinkle finish on the valve covers, and the air cleaner shows they had a sense of humor as well. From the Ford camp, how about their first answer to the Hemi?

The mighty SOHC, also known as the cammer? How about an air cleaner that looks like it should be part of an airplane? One last one of the traditional engines: Now compare that to this: Some where underneath that intake manifold is the same basic engine as thebut definitely not the visual centerpiece it the is.

1967 Belvedere

Another goofy looking intake manifold. My what a nice piece of plastic you have: I am pretty sure there is an engine under there some place. A third gen Hemi. While a great engine, not the visual masterpiece of its predecessors.

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And neither are Fords I know the new engines are better in just about every measurable way than the old classics, but they definitely lost something along the way. And not just the ability for the average person to work on them.

That unfortunately was bound to happen as the engines got more sophisticated to meet the fuel economy and emissions regulations, as well as deliver the performance people wanted.

And that is what made them great, but we lost the visual impact when you open the hood along the way. When you check the oil, you no longer get that little feeling of that is what I am driving when you open the hood.

Some of the magic of the original muscle cars has been lost, even if the modern ones can run circles around all but the most rare of the originals.

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Posted in Engines Tagged Engines permalink Post navigation.Best Muscle Cars A Plymouth Barracuda With A Dodge Viper Heart. By Dave Ashton Dropping a new engine into a vintage vehicle might take some reworking what about a complete modern chassis.

Autoblog brings you automotive news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video. Research and compare vehicles, find local dealers, calculate loan payments, find. The adage, “It’s only original once” has become increasingly attractive for people who own muscle cars, and for good reason.

After all, the cars themselves are mainly objects of metal and. BARN FINDS. All of us have dreams of finding that pristine Corvette with side pipes in a neighbor’s garage.

Muscle cars vintage vs new

It is still possible but today it is more likely to be a Chrysler K Car than a vintage . TOP 5 V-8 MUSCLE CARS OF ; The Coolest Compact Cars of ; Review of the Acura RDX Modern vs.

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over a shorter term but generally they are expensive high end cars (Ford GT, BMW Z8, etc.) to purchase when new. Classic cars are not necessarily a good investment . Can we truly compare classic muscle cars to modern muscle cars? Which is better?

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Back then, you could get a brand new muscle car for approximately $ to $

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