Richard iii looking richard essays

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

Richard iii looking richard essays

After Edward's coronation in the Great Hall, with his brothers George and Richard watching, he leaves with his wife and sons. Richard contemplates the throne, before advancing towards the audience and then addressing them, delivering a speech that outlines his physical deformities, including a hunched back and a withered arm.

He goes on to describe his jealousy over his brother's rise to power in contrast to his lowly position. He dedicates himself to task and plans to frame his brother, George, Duke of Clarence Sir John Gielgudfor conspiring to kill the King, and to have George sent to the Tower of Londonby claiming George will murder Edward's heirs.

Richard iii looking richard essays

He then tells his brother he will help him get out. Having confused and deceived the King, Richard proceeds with his plans after getting a warrant, and enlists two ruffians Michael Gough and Michael Ripper to carry out his dirty work: George is murdered, drowned in a butt of wine.

Though Edward had sent a pardon to Richard, Richard stopped it passing. Richard goes on to woo and seduce the Lady Anne Claire Bloomand though she hates him for killing her husband and fathershe cannot resist and ends up marrying him.

Richard then orchestrates disorder in the court, fueling rivalries, and setting the court against the Queen consort, Elizabeth Mary Kerridge. The King, weakened by exhaustion, appoints his brother, Richard, as Lord Protectorand dies soon after hearing of the death of George.

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With all obstacles now removed, Richard enlists the help of his cousin the Duke of Buckingham Sir Ralph Richardson to alter his public image, and to become popular with the people.

In doing so, Richard becomes the people's first choice to become the new King. Buckingham had aided Richard on terms of being given the title of Earl of Hereford and its income, but balks at the idea of murdering the two princes. Buckingham, having requested his earldom at Richard's coronation, fears for his life when Richard angry at Buckingham for not killing the princes shouts "I am not in the giving vein today!

Before the battle, however, Buckingham is captured and executed.


On the eve of the battle, Richard is haunted by the ghosts of all those he has killed in his bloody ascent to the throne, and he wakes up screaming. Richard composes himself, striding out to plan the battle for his generals, and gives a motivational speech to his troops.

The two forces engage in battle, with the Lancastarians having the upper hand. Lord Stanley Laurence Naismithwhose loyalties had been questionable for some time, betrays Richard, and allies himself with Henry.

Richard sees this and charges into the thick of battle, side-by-side with his loyal companion Sir William Catesby Norman Wooland to kill Richmond and end the battle quickly.

Eventually Richard spots Richmond and they briefly engage in a duel before being interrupted by Stanley's men. Richard and Catesby are able to escape the oncoming forces, but, in doing so, Richard is knocked off his horse, loses his cherished crown, and becomes separated from Catesby, who is off seeking rescue.

Searching desperately for Richmond, whom he has lost sight of, Richard cries out:Richard Iii/Looking for Richard Essay HSC Advanced English Intro * Both Shakespeare’s Richard III and Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard both portray central values and ideas of the time.

* The texts ideas are reflected by the context of the time. Richard's first words, "Now is the winter of our discontent" probably more aptly sum up the play than any other line. They refer to the here and now, which Richard intends to make miserable.

The play is really about the darkest of dark times, and only with Richard's death will England's long winter end, to be followed by a summer rebirth with. Richard iii context essays. 5 stars based on 35 reviews runningnet Essay.

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On 22nd August , King Richard III lost the Battle of Bosworth to Henry Tudor. One of the main reasons for him losing was due to his unpopularity with the people and his nobles. The two texts of Richard III and Looking for Richard explore the connection between texts through the use of these contextual features.

The context of Act 1 Scene 2 in the Shakespeare play, resulted in the scene being presented as Richard attempting to woo Lady Anne as a political measure to assist his plan of becoming King.

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