The different benefits of using the internet

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The different benefits of using the internet

Drama activities would sometimes have surprising and unexpected results. We cannot only teach grammar and phonetics with drama but also it has the power to transform the actors as well as the audience.

Using drama in the ESL classroom is not a new concept. Drama provides an excellent platform for exploring theoretical and practical aspects of the English language Whiteson, The improvisation aspect of drama gives students opportunities for developing their communicative skills in authentic and dynamic situations.

By using drama in the English classroom, we can use English with our students in intriguing and useful ways. The language can be used in context and makes it come to life. Drama has the potential of making the learning experience fun for the students and even memorable because it is interactive and visual.

There are many studies about using drama to learn English. Wan Yee Sam talks about the communicative approach, drama techniques, value of drama in education, advantages and disadvantages Sam, Alan Maley and Alan Duff are classic sources for the benefits of using drama techniques; how it helps to learn new vocabulary, builds confidence, motivates the students and helps shift the focus from the teacher to the students Maley, Drama is a special communication situation which makes considerable demands on the flexibility and skills of the teacher Kao, We have Morrow who gives some guiding principles behind the use of the communicative activities.

Susan Holden adds some definitions as to what drama is and how it provides opportunities for a person to express themselves.

The different benefits of using the internet

The personal nature of improvisation provides many outlets for self-expression. We even hear that children need to play as an important developmental process.

We can sum up the benefits of drama in language teaching as follows: Drama puts the teacher in the role of supporter in the learning process and the students can take more responsibility for their own learning.

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Ideally, the teacher will take a less dominant role in the language class and let the students explore the language activities. In the student centered classroom, every student is a potential teacher for the group. Drama for second language learners can provide an opportunity to develop the imagination of the students.

Students are encouraged to express their own ideas and contribute to the whole. Creative drama will offer exercises in critical thinking and the chance for the students to be creative.

Drama gives an excellent method for studying human nature and working in harmony.

Advantages of Internet

The play acting provides the opportunity for a healthy release of emotion in a safe setting which can work to relieve the tension of learning in a second language.

Drama Brings Literature to Life Most teachers see the value of drama in offering training in speech. What is not obvious is how even abstract learning is easier when acted or demonstrated.

Drama can also be used to bring literature to life for the students. It is more dynamic than simple text and helps the visual learners as well as recycles new vocabulary. While drama does have a characteristic of recreation, the fun aspect should not be under-estimated.

When the students are enjoying an activity, they are learning and letting their guard down. The shyness and fear of using English very often blocks learning.

When the students are submerged in an active fun activity, they are more open to new concepts and learning will occur.

When the students are having fun, they let their second language guard down and become less inhibited.Below is a complete list of all of the advantages of the Internet. Information, knowledge, and learning As mentioned earlier, the Internet contains an endless supply of knowledge and information that allows you to learn about almost any topic or question you may have.

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