The prime importance of home in

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The prime importance of home in

Nitien Parmar, Vastu Shastra Consultant at www. Urja energy enters in the house through doors and windows. However, the Main Door front door of your house is where the major part of energy enters and therefore this door plays an important role in determining the flow of vibrations experienced by the household.

Prime importance of Main Door Entrance in Vastu Shastra | Vastu Shastra

Main door is a door of opportunities, hence it should be attractive, inviting and well organized. Garage door or back door are not considered as a main door. Following house has a main door in east zone of victory.

Key points for Main door Front entrance as per Vastu Shastra: The door should open completely. It should not have any obstacle while opening a door. Some people keeps a shoe rack or small cabinet behind the door which obstructs the door to open at 90 degree.

Make sure that your house open at 90 degree paving way to the energy to circulate in without any hindrance. These house should not have any cracking sounds from hinges on opening of the main door.

A sticky door may indicate that something is not working in your life or that you feel stuck or irritated by something. Your main door should open in clock wise direction.

The prime importance of home in

Door opening in anti-clock direction causes delay in your personal and professional work, slow progress and difference of opinion among the family members. Install or Fix a three copper pyramid clockwise arrow on the door as a virtual correction.

You can also conceal the same under the ply of main door. Clockwise Pyramid Arrow 5. The main door should not have any cracks.

The prime importance of home in

When one enters the house, there should not be a wall in front of the entrance. There should be a door that opens to the next room or open space immediately after entering in to the room. The main door of the house should not be below ground level. There should not be an underground tank, septic tank, or canal under the main entrance.

There should not be any abandoned, wrecked buildings in front of the main entrance. Such situations are highly inauspicious. There should not be three door in the straight line looking from the main door Inauspicious pictures should not be on the door.

Doors should have thresholds preferably made in the marble or wood. Shoes should not be kept in front of the door, but be placed in the cabin near the entrance. Anything connected with your religion, such as a yantra, an idol, copper swastikaa cross or scriptures from the Quran should be placed above the front door.

It is auspicious to hang a vastu bell on the door handle from inside to attract money luck. Arch design should be avoided on main door. Avoid mirror facing the main door. There should not be overhead beam above the main door or entrance. Location of staircase outside the door may be positive or negative based on the directions of the same.

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