Threat of global warming essay

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Threat of global warming essay

Use an editor to spell check essay. Long ago the earth was conceived in a fiery blast of volcanoes and molten lava. The earth cooled and life was spawned. From the first bacterium that swam in a new ocean thru just before the industrial revolution climate, lacking any external factors, has steadily changed.

But since the industrialization of civilization, the climate of the earth has faced an ever growing foreign factor.

Threat of global warming essay

This factor is the emissions of the so called "greenhouse gases" that have caused the rapid increase in world temperatures. This phenomena has been given the title global warming, and has sparked a new debate in local, state, national, and world policy. As one of the strongest economic, political, and economic powers in the world the United Nations Special committee on Global warming research has also made us the leading emissions releaser in the world, with approximately one fifth of all global emissions coming from our country.

He labeled the agreement to be overly ambiguous and not not plausible because it would cause, "serious harm to the US economy", "the incomplete state of scientific knowledge" on global warning and "the lack of commercially available technologies" as his biased reasoning for rejecting the Kyoto Protocol.

On all Accounts President bush is wrong. To begin with there is no serious harm to our economy. On the other hand the public has much to lose.

Our President once again has fictitiously stated that scientific knowledge is inadequate in reference to global warming and the accompanying greenhouse effect.

Not only is the greenhouse effect and an accepted scientific fact, but it is in science textbooks around the nation. He chooses to fault the lack of similar estimates across the board.

The reasons for discrepancy is all the factor that must be included which are not limited to demography, economy, technology, policy, and institutional developments.

His charge that there is a lack of technology is completely negligent. The president refuses to realize the dangers of global warning. When the president has the United States Global Change Research Program USGCRP coordinates the world most extensive research and technologically advanced group in the world the president lacks truth in his accusations.

One must also relize his background as Texas governor. As Governor Texas was the state with the most citations of clean air violations in the Unites States. There are many causes of the greenhouse effect.

The most prevalent greenhouse gas is Carbon dioxide or CO2.

Threat of global warming essay

They are released by the burning of fossil fuels. There are many invaluable methods in each of these areas to produce Carbon dioxide.

In agriculture there are dozens of ways that greenhouse gases are produced world wide. The clearing of land and the subsequent burning of the vegetation releases a green house gas. Add to that the vegetation they removed is also what removes Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and a lethal cycle can be scene.

Methane another greenhouse gas is released by the decomposing of manure for fertilization. Methane is also released by cattle in high amounts. These are the most prevalent ways agriculture creates greenhouse gases. The burning of fossil fuels is another leading cause of greenhouse gases.

These emissions can be seen when you start your car on a cold early morning and the muffler smokes the pavement behind it. It can be seen in the form of smog in the heavily populated cities throughout the world.

The gases are also released by the industries that require furnaces to burn the toxin that they create. In addition the landfills releases other greenhouse gases and increase the total emission that are produced. The Green house effect poses many dangers.

First the melting of the polar ice caps would increase sea level and flood coastal areas. Second it poses a threat to agriculture.Global Warming Essay 3 ( words) Global warming is the steady and continuous rise in the level of earth temperature.

Out earth surface is becoming hotter day by day just because of some unnoticeable habits of human beings all across the world. Global warming like a serious threat to the world today Essay Sample The most significant reason that delayed African countries’ drive for independence was the post colonialist English and Dutch citizens did not recognize black Africans as equals and citizens.

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The Threat of Global Warming May Lead to Global Cooling Essay Words | 7 Pages. years almost everyone has heard that the earth is warming. Also, almost everyone has heard the pleas to go green and reduce carbon emissions, led by former Vice-President Al Gore.

Global Warming: An exponential threat We currently live in a highly globalized world from every point of view (technological, scientific, cultural, economic, communicative, etc.) hence, one of the most negative effects that generated globalization has been the growing ecological imbalance that has harmed the .

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