Visual rules studio expert system thesis rules de

How to create a rule set For our walkthrough, we want to create a rule set called Dead Code Detection Rules that contains the five dead code detection rules mentioned above. After creating the rule set, set the name and description of the rule set using the Properties window, as shown in the following screen shot.

Visual rules studio expert system thesis rules de

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Visualizing Association Rules: Introduction to the R-extension Package arulesViz Michael Hahsler Southern Methodist University Sudheer Chelluboina Southern Methodist University Abstract Association rule mining is a popular data mining method available in R as the extension package arules.

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The editor displays the rules in a tree structure that groups the rules by a rule set field that you specify. To add or remove rules from a rule set, perform one or more of the following steps: Select or clear the check box of the group node to add or remove all the rules in .

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Visual rules studio expert system thesis rules de
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